Computech Consulting / Engineering

47000 Warm Springs Bl. (Suite-301), Fremont CA 94539 USA


  • Computech Engineering/Consulting, founded at Nov. 1992, is a hardware and software design group.
  • We design microprocessor-based system for communication and control applications: Internet Routing, LAN Switching, Industrial Control, Data Processing, Home/Office Automation, etc.
  • We provide engineering services: PCB Layout, Electronic Circuit Design, Prototype, Testing, Troubleshooting, etc.
  • We service software & firmware designs: Application Design (in C++, V-C++, V-Basic, Java, DataBase, Windows, etc), Firmware Design (BIOS, Port Interface, Data Analysis, etc.), Software-QA, etc.
  • We design and reverse engineering electronic devices: System boards, I/O cards, Communication cards, Network cards, etc.

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